Saturday, April 1, 2017

Darcy Street Railway Crossing Sidewalk Condition

The barrier prevents any passage of those seniors on mobility devices. It also prevents the passage of anyone on a bicycle. This is attested by the well worn paths leading out to the street, placing them in danger. In the image Looking north, there is a drop-off on the west side of the sidewalk, making it hazardous to those requiring walkers.

Below are two sections of sidewalk, one between the tracks, the other immediately north of the tracks. Their condition is pitiful. There is no sidewalk in Cobourg that is in worse condition than this. It is a hazard for everyone.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reply to Robert Washburn

“A stick cannot be broken when it is in a bundle” originated from Aesop’s Fables and was used by Robert Washburn to demonstrate the “power of unity” ( 

I think of the individual stick inside that ‘safe space’ bundle. Does it have any wiggle room? Or even squirm room? It’s not freedom; it’s confinement. Mr Washburn describes this as the “practical collective expression of our principles.”

The “collective expression” consists of a lengthy Litany of Labels tagged onto targeted individuals and selected collectives: misogynist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic. transphobic, anti-semitic, homophobic, ageist, basket of deplorables, anti-disability, pro-abortion, etc.

Mr Washburn then suggests to “progressive voters” that “Maybe it is time to start speaking up more directly when racist remarks are made or sexist comments are dispensed.” In other words, exhort that Litany of Labels MORE LOUDLY, MORE OFTEN. What a puerile, pathetic policy suggestion! What will that solve, other than further alienate the 60 million that ludicrously sought a safe space in Donald’s arms.

The Litany of Label words are used primarily by social jackboot warriors to smear individuals and shut down political speech. In the name of Diversity – WATCH YOUR WORDS. In the name of tolerance, be intolerant, shout it down, spike it, censor it. This social jackboot culture is enabled by the mediocrity media and fraudcasting industry. Censorship causes more social damage than free speech.

Sixty million deplorables turned against this jackboot pc culture of progressive regressives. 59+ million of those deplorables have no problem with equal rights for all. They do have a problem with the smug condescending arrogance of progressive media.

Think of those individuals at the Trump rally, fed up with years and years of the media insulting them as uneducated redneck hillbilly white trash deplorables, old white guys, dead white males, ad nauseum, who finally get their 15 minutes to richly denounce the news media on live prime time tv. Surely Northumberland Today could have done much better than be an enabler of those who exhort the Litany of Label name-calling as a political policy.