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Raheel Raza extols FREEDOM to the UN

Famous human rights activist, Board member of the Muslim Canadian Congress and International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) Representative Raheel Raza confronts Tariq Ramadan and the Pakistani Ambassador representing the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).Video recorded by IHEU representative David Cornut, United Nations meeting, September 16, 2010.The IHEU delegation at this meeting included Roy W. Brown, David Cornut, Raheel Raza, Xavier Cornut and Magali Prince.

Gil the Brocodile Candy Date for Mayor

David Glover is Organic Manic

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Going For the Gold Guard

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Forrest Rowden Gives Good Green

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Forrest Rowden is running for Cobourg Councilor. He showed up to display his gang colours at the annual parTEA fund-raiser for the benefit of the Cobourg Ecology Garden/

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Wally Keeler Answers Questions from Cobourg Council

Wally Keeler addresses Town Council

September 13, 2010, Wally Keeler addresses Cobourg Town Council as Committee of the Whole. The issue was damage done to the grounds of Victoria Park by Northumberland Ribfest and suggestions on how to prevent it.

Recommendations to prevent damage to the grounds of Victoria Park by Northumberland Ribfest.

If the event is to be staged in the same configuration as in 2010, then:
1. some form of ground cover must be placed under each cooking rig.
2. the grounds must be returned to the condition in which it was found

If the event is to be staged in Victoria Park, then:
1. park the cooking rigs along Queen St between McGill & Church, or
2. park the cooking rigs along McGill St south of Queen.
3. the grounds must be returned to the condition in which it was found

Ribfest attracted 30,000 visitors. This will grow in the coming near years. Do the people of Cobourg want Victoria Park to bear this burden at such expense? While other events leave a small foot print on the park, Ribfest leaves a bootprint. A large portion of the park is sealed off for six days, including the build & dismantling, thereby denying the full and free enjoyment of Victoria Park as a park.

1. The best location for Ribfest is the east pier.
2. More parking available around the entire harbour, than around Victoria Park.
3. hard surface for any spillage, expedites clean-up
4. speakers and amplifiers are turned south to the United States of America alleviating noise complaints from Cobourg residents north of Elgin.
5. continue the enriching legacy of the Rotary Club’s marvellous job along Cobourg’s harbourfront by utilizing an underused area of the harbour.
6. relieves Victoria Park of the burden of host.
7. an ‘exotic’ location where ribfesters are surrounded by water; the sense of a cruise ship. A cool breeze on a hot summer night.
8. spend funds enhancing the east pier, instead of paying for damage to Victoria Park.
9. it can handle the growth of popularity of Ribfest for years to come.

The Parks Board consider distributing the locus of various events into other parks in Cobourg; to ease the footprint made on Victoria Park. That the Parks Board develop a policy regarding MAJOR events that are likely to have an excessive impact on the park grounds.

The Town Council reaffirm that Victoria Park’s ‘constitutional’ legacy continues to be one of Free Access For All.

Brush Hour On the Boardwalk, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Go Green Together and Sustainable Cobourg teamed together to sponsor a 13 kilometer Bike For The Planet. Starting at the bandshell in Victoria Park, the bicyclistas rode along the waterfront bike path past the Cobourg Ecology Garden.

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Coming soon to a harbour near you...

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The Town Council of Cobourg voted to name it's recently purchased harbour dredger after the Oscar winning actress, Marie Dressler. Councillor Dean McCaughey had given "some thought" to the name, and declared, "The Marie Dressler name means something in Cobourg, and I think it's an appropriate name."

Swooning for a dance partner, Councillor Bob Spooner was reported in Northumberland Today as saying that Councillor McCaughey, "...was looking for somebody old enough to remember Marie Dressler to second the motion, so that's how I ended up seconding the motion."

The mol flower power of the Council, Miriam Mutton, protested.

"The dredger is a workhorse of a vessel, a very large tool," she declared without irony.

"I really think it is almost inappropriate to attach Marie Dressler's name. I would like to see a much more elegant landmark to commemorate this woman"

And so the motion passed. The lesstosterone males voted in favour of Marie Dredger er, uh, Dressler, in hag-drag no less.

I contend that every woman has the right to feel beautiful, no matter how scrambled her features, or how indifferent her features” -- Marie Dressler.


Northumberland Today published Monday Sept. 7, 2010:

Marie ’Dredger’ Dressler is hoisted into dry dock and Cobourg Councillor Dean McCaughey, explains how the name came after “…some thought, being involved with boating.

Really? Boating? Dredging? How dissimilar! Boats are curvaceous and sleek, whereas dredgers are notable for not sinking fast enough. Yep, that was “some thought.”

So Councillor McCoughey wrapped his “thought” in swaddling and brought it to Town Council, declaring, "The Marie Dressler name means something in Cobourg, and I think it's an appropriate name." This is indicative of an arrogance that insults participatory democracy.

Towns people should have been brought in on The Naming of Things.

Cobourg contains creative people. A call for names should have been put forth. A selection of ten or five names should have been presented for votes. Let Cobourg chose, rather than an I-can-do-it-all-by-my-important-self councillor. Thanks for consensus denial.

The lesstosterone males on town council appear to be gender-bent. They seem to see Dressler in drag. Look at the photo published in Northumberland Today; the dredger features a long nozzle between two round paddle wheels. Marie Dressler? How insultingly incongruous!

Furthermore, Marie Dressler, was some elegant dame, a Hollywood star, an Oscar winner, not a contender. Take a moment to think how Ms Dressler would reply to an invitation by the ‘Feel Good’ Town of Cobourg, all expenses paid, champagne bottle on a rope, to attend the official Launching Ceremony whereby they attach in perpetuity her honoured name to a bottom feeder that sucks.

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Rob Ford for Mayor

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