Tuesday, July 3, 2012



POETRY boldly took to the streets in Cobourg Ontario this past Canadada Day. The Imagine Nation of the Peoples Republic of Poetry, in accordance with the “primary policy of poetry proliferation”, sponsored the event, POETRIOTS ON PARADE.

Cobourg’s third Poet Laureate, Ted Amsden, led the way in a sleek Porsche convertible; beauty and power of a well-engineered poem. This was in high contrast to the local political dignitaries perched on more, how shall we say it, prosaic convertibles at the front of the parade.

Poet Amsden, our poetical dignitary, was caboosed by the end of the parade, imbedded into the Santa Claus position, far away from the farces of mediocrity. This led one local wit to comment that Poet Amsden should portray himself as Sonnet Claus.

Poet Amsden was provided with a bag of poetry, neatly folded into stealthy paper airplane poems, armed with surface to sentence similes. They were launched towards the poetariet lined along the route. Back to the poem age.

Now is the rhyme for all good poets to come to the aid of poetry

A spontaneous act of dipoematic poetnership between the Peoples Republic of Poetry and the folkistas of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival allowed more placards of wit and poetry to be displayed along the streets of Cobourg. An accompanied sedan blasted out that ole 60’s one hit wonder by Johnny Tillitson, Poetry In Motion.

For once poetry was the litter de jour on the streets. Stanzas drifting down the street on random breezes, airy somethings in our local habitation.

Poet Laureates of Canada: ARISE. Our brand is POETRY. Sell it! OUT LOUD!!!