Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ribfest debris is a threat to children's feet

Terry McDermott of the Cobourg Rotary Club asserted, "We go through this (park) with a fine tooth comb. We try and leave this place cleaner than what we found it."
I went down to Victoria Park yesterday (Aug 21) after reading the assertion of Mr McDermott, and in one small area in the location of the pig rigs, I found the debris in the photograph below. It includes shards of plastic that can easily cut feet. Numerous other plastic items that can also cut feet.
Let us not forget that children from assorted day cares are brought to Victoria Park to romp and frolic. I have seen them in bare feet in the location where the pig rigs park. 
Obviously the mediocre cliche of "fine tooth comb" ain't so fine after all.A nd then there is that meaningless throw-away phrase that the Victoria Park is "cleaner than what we found it."