Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pst -- Ben Burd Doesn't Like What I Wrote Below

Last March 24, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution concerning Syria entitled, 'Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan'. It was sponsored by (snare drum roll) Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Group of Arab States, the Group of African States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, an erstwhile bloc of outstanding human rights role models, yessiree.

The text of the resolution reads, "The Human Rights Council [is] Deeply concerned at the suffering of the Syrian citizens ... due to the systematic and continuous violation of their fundamental and human rights by Israel..." That's it. Not a word about the perpetual torture of countless civilians in Syrian custody; re. Mahar Arar.

The UN Human Rights Council in collusion with the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly concerns itself with the transgressions of the only real and functioning democracy in the Arab ummah -- Israel. Can anyone point to a UNHRC resolution that is critical of any Arab dictatorshit in recent years?

Year after year, the UNHRC displays itself as a fascist Jew-bashing organization. In the last session the UNHRC adopted the same number of resolutions and decisions condemning Israel, as the rest of the 191 UN countries combined. Get it? 190 countries versus 1 country. What does that tell you?

This is not an anomaly -- it is chronic, year after year. Oh, and guess which democracy is systematically denied a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. Go ahead, guess. Israel. How’s that for inclusiveness, eh? How’s that for apartheid! The defendant is denied the human right to defend themself by a Human Rights Council no less. The Israeli Knesset has Arab/Palestinian representation; a Palestinian is a Supreme Court judge; the Palestinian or Arab people living inside Israel enjoy more rights and freedom than Palestinian or Arab people living in Arab countries. There is far more apartheidism in the Arab ummah, and it is far more brutal and deadly.

Typical of Western stupidity, U.S. UN Ambassador, Eileen Donahoe last year declared, “We are coming to the end of a session that has marked a significant shift at the Human Rights Council. We believe this session has been important in part because it coincided with an important moment in history, and because the Council has shown itself able to deal with changing circumstances on the ground…

Sure. You believe that don't ya?

Recently the UN published Syria's 'pledge': “Promotion and protection of human rights are of highest importance to Syria…Syria’s candidature to the Human Rights Council signifies its commitment to respect and to support the inalienable and indivisible nature of all human rights.” Syria went on to say "Syria believes that its membership on the Human Rights Council would contribute towards enriching the quality of dialogue...aimed at the promotion and protection of human rights for all peoples”.

The U.N. General Assembly, which elects members to the Human Rights Council, are required to "take into account the contribution of candidates to the promotion and protection of human rights and voluntary pledges and commitments made thereto." It is easy to see that a UNHRC member can make a “voluntary pledge and commitment” then continue to betray human rights in their own country and undermine it in the world community via the UNHRC fig-leaf.

Will Syria become a member of the UNHRC this May 20, when candidates are presented to the UN Assembly for election? Well, note that just last June 8, a Syrian diplomat spoke to the Human Rights Council about Israel; “This is a state that is built on hatred. Let me quote a song that children on a school bus in Israel sing merrily as they go to school and I quote ‘with my teeth I will rip your flesh with my mouth I will suck your blood.'"

This is how renown ngo, United Nations Watch replied to that blood libel:

Last year Qaddafi pledged that “the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights principles.” A whopping 82 percent of the U.N. General Assembly thought that was sufficient to welcome Libya into the UN’s idea of a human rights agency. The likelihood that Syria will get a seat on the Human Rights Council looks good so far. After all, the Security Council can’t even get together to rap Syria’s knuckles with a mere tsk-tsk statement.

Forget that Syria is a family dictatorshit of Alawites, a ruling minority of Shia Muslims, thus the affinity with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas. Forget that the family dictatorshit owns everything. Forget that the family dictatorshit shoots to kill unarmed demonstrators and funeral mourners. Forget that the family dictatorshit abducts and tortures civilians on a scale beyond our wildest dreams. Ask Mahar Arar. Forget that the Syrian family dictatorshit receives assistance in repression technology from the theological tyranny of Iran. Forget that the Syrian family dictatorshit tortures Canadians, and Iran rapes, tortures and murders Canadians.

Forget it all, and stand tall with those progressive dupes supporting the idiocy of a so-called apartheid of Israel, while all around Israel, hundreds and hundreds of millions suffered unspeakable apartheid repression by their own dictators, and the so-called Arab Spring testifies to the truth coming from the mouths of millions: We Want Freedom. Not freedom from Israel, but freedom from Arab dictatorshit. That’s the people speaking. Are the useful idiots of the Israeli Apartheiders listening?