Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Power of Nicespeak

Below is a rejected letter-to-the-editor I had sent to point out that a Canadian citizen can no longer be disrespectful of tyrants and dictators or their murderous regimes in the plainstream depress. 
Nicespeak is being enforced. 
Nicespeak is the new Newspeak, which is Nospeak at all. 
Nicespeak is emotion-free. 
Nicespeak is artificial. 
Nicespeak has sanitized language down to the level of mediocrity. 
Nicespeak is blandspeak.
So it is quite understandable why the letter below was rejected: it was Realspeak, with a blend of common parlance from Streetspeak. Enjoy.

Northumberland News, Editor-in-Chief, Joanne Burghardt, wrote in her April 5 column, Is Your Comment Taken Seriously?, “A personal belittling attack rife with nasty accusations and delivered under the guise of free speech … is quickly relegated to the ‘what’s this guy’s problem?’ pile.”
      There is no guise about it. It is free speech, period. Northumberland News is private property and has the sole discretion to publish or not. I respect its right to trash any ‘personal, belittling attack rife with nasty accusations.”
      I nastily accuse the Assad family dictatorship of Syria of being child-killers, rapists, murders, torturers, thieves, and worse. The Assad family dictatorship could not be more deserving of belittlement for their brutal attacks on humanity itself. Bashar al-Assad is as much of a disgusting scumbag as was Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, and many others.
      Of course, we all know that the Assad family dictatorship will torture and/or kill any individual who dares to utter anything that is a “personal, belittling attack rife with nasty accusations.” Thankfully, the Editor-in-Chief of Northumberland News, enforces nicespeak by not permitting personal belittling attacks rife with nasty accusations.
      The Editor-in-Chief’s column is a fine example of nicespeak. It is composed of the finest threads of mediocrity, blended with bland gland debris and timid, pastel vocabulary. For a poet, such mediocre writing is offensive, especially in light of the fact that a writer, in such an elevated position as Editor-in-Chief, obtains a healthy salary for such weak wielding of the word.   
      Take note that I am not attacking the person, but critiquing the pathetic product of a professional writer who places their work into the public domain and charges readers to read it.
      This is free speech and there is no guise to it.