Friday, October 3, 2008


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This is the first clear cut evidence that the imagine nation of the Peoples Republic of Poetry (PRP) was behind the textual assault of Cobourg's east pier.
Robert R. Mason found a crumbled piece of paper littering the west pier and immediately turned it over to the local dissidents. It appears that the PRP had been documenting its operation, which is part of a long serving program called Watch Your Words.
The photo shows the shipping container blocks that had been unloaded onto the pier during the night, with no other purpose than to be photodocumented as soon as possible in the daylight, then to disappear, ephemera. The PRP moves all its supplies around the world in container blocks, a practice it has been doing for the past 25 years. It is a proprietary system called Child's Play.
It is not often that the PRP is clumsy in its operations. They have been known for their stealth and dedication to details.
Below is a digitally enhanced picture of the textual assault that occurred on Cobourg's east pier.

Wally Keeler, a unit of verse of the universe, asserted that the photo "could well have been planted there by an agent of the pulp friction industry, with the purpose of stalling the momentum of the current Watch Your Words pogrom."

The Minister With Poetfolio declined to comment on the photo-find as we went to blog.

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