Friday, October 30, 2009

Al Gore Rhythm

Winner of the Halloween pumpkin carving contest at TD Waterhouse, Toronto, 2007


t amsden said...

son of a bitch... global warming whore! you probably
got sponsors after that ridiculous bit of left wing pandering to blatantly unprovable climate wheezing
hot air....Pumpkins are citizens, too! Did you ask the pumpkin? I say it again, You Poets, will do anything freaking weird to draw attention to yourselves. If you have a message, for God's Sake, leave the pumpkins out of it.
That said, I can say what's really on my mind. Too bad you didn't do that this year. I would have liked a pic of u and your orange buddy for the front page of the local rag! Neat Freaking Idea, Dude!

Wally Keeler said...

Please note one tiny but significant detail - I insisted it be called GLOBAL WARNING, not warMing. A poetic detail since I don't subscribe to the alarmist sky-is-falling scenario.

The weight of the pumpkin broke down the turntable -- I had to rotate the globe manually. Sigh.

Gail said...