Thursday, October 15, 2009

VISITOR APARTHEID, Coming Soon to a Park Near You

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Waspish citizens of your fine town need to learn to share!

Anonymous said...

I have been a resident in Cobourg for just over a month now. It amazes me that this, the "Victoria Park Scandal", is such an issue. What brought us here was the beautiful surroundings of a majestic beach front and the quaint little town just a few steps away. And when did we visit to get a feel if this was a place we really wanted to settle? The two busiest, and apparently controversial, long weekends of the year.

Get a life people. This place is beautiful and should be shared, enjoyed, by all who want to visit. For those who disagree, then I suggest you get in your camper, cross the border, and invade... I mean... setup at your favourite site south. And when it is time to come back to Cobourg, please remember not to forget to bring your garbage back.