Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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There is no more need to negotiate with the organizers of Ribfest. This photograph was taken Tuesday Aug 23, 2011. They have caused more damage to Victoria Park than a summer full of outsiders. Town Council was told about this possibility happening. Nothing was done. Cobourg Town Council has demonstrated that it is nothing more than a sock puppet for the Rotary Club. And the Parks Advisory Committee needs to explain why they do nothing. No monitoring. Year after year, the grease and oil is spilled, and a proud cottonwood tree that took how many generations to reach its majesty was brought to its knees by a mere cook-off. How pathetic is that. Where is Councillor Larry Sherwin?

I wrote the following above: "...was brought to nits knees by a mere cook-off"

That was inaccurate. Two trees have died -- both of them from Dutch Elm disease. Two trees have died -- both of them are elms, not cottonwoods as I asserted. Every other large tree in the park is a Cottonwood, but not the two that died. Rather than take down the posting above, I let it stand so that my errors are exposed for transparency.

However, I will be posting pictures soon of the usual industrial strength grease and cooking oils on the lawns.


Anonymous said...

industrial strength grease, oil?
what were they cooking trucks?

Anonymous said...

We are paying for this festival, yes the people of Cobourg are chipping in. We have something to say here, and the burning grass show is not over ! It is environmentally not acceptable!!!