Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ben Burd's Plagiarism

Consistent with every post on the Burd Report, the by-line is up front: Ben Burd or DebO. Everything that blog moderator, Ben Burd, composes, he attaches his by-line, identical to the above screen print.

Interestingly, Ben Burd wrote not a single word of the “A post full of poetry” article that appears under his name. No where does the name of the real author appear. It is kept secret from Burd blog readers. It is covered up. It reminds me of the journalism of the Murdoch mob.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘plagiarism’ as the “wrongful appropriation or purloining and publication as one's own, of the ideas, or the expression of the ideas… of another.”
It is quite unexpected. It is one thing for Ben Burd to author a racial slur on the Burd blog, and not take ownership of it but he is okay with taking ownership of  my writing. Thanks for the attribution – NOT.


Ben Burd said...

I will say sorry for this and I thought I was doing you folks a favour. I will attribute it I don't want to see you blow your blood pressure off the scale

Wally Keeler said...

Insofar as my blood pressure is concerned, your imaginary concern is misplaced, just as it was when I referred to your boner of an idea for which public support was flaccid when you accused me of “extreme anger”. Really Ben? Extreme. Not mild anger, nor just anger, but “extreme anger”. Recently Northumberland Today used the word “flaccid” without going apoplectic. You threw me off your blog for that, and a couple weeks later Merklin Muffley told you outright to “fuck off” concerning your modifications of the blog and you replied sanguinely to that. Quite the double standard you got going there. Plus, I don’t post racial slurs. Yet, your co-moderator felt it necessary to slander me for pointing out that a racial slur in our multicultural society is unwelcome. Again, quite the double standard. The pity is that I could have posted the racial slur item as a comment on your blog, but you decided that I am not fit to post on your astute blog.

You guys are incredibly anti-free speech