Monday, April 23, 2012

Rachel Hie reads The Call, Earth Day, 2012

Rachel Hie, Grade 10, St Mary's Secondary School, winner of the 2nd annual Earth Day Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Cobourg Ecology Garden Committee, reads her poem, The Call, April 22, 2012.

The Call
I speak to you from the future,
For it was so long ago.
The land was beautiful, the seas were fresh,
Mountains were topped with snow.
All things lived in harmony,
Except the human race.
They were greedy, and grew lazy,
The planet was bound to break.
This brutal cycle carried on,
Redemption was quickly squandered.
Glaciers melted; everyone felt it,
But they pretended to continue pondering.
The truth was hard to stare in the eyes,
Pride not easily shot down.
Though in the end people paid the price,
Our legacy still remains in ruin.
Don't take this warning as a game,
And elude the words at hand.
Respect the earth and urge a change;
Prevent this barren wasteland.

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