Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disposable Fathers, Disposable Men

Below is a letter that had been submitted to the Cobourg Daily Star and rejected for reasons known only to them. Note in the Cobourg Daily Star's sexist write up that the only reference to the father was this: "The father had twice filed for bankruptcy..." The father, the man, was presented as a failure, twice over. Nice that the feminist dominated Cobourg Daily Star pointed out that fact, and continued with their uber sensitivity to the alleged child-killing mother. Yes, imagine how the surviving child of a suicide-parent might feel -- well, the feminists of the Cobourg Daily Star have no space whatsoever for that, especially if the surviving child is a male.

Letter-to-the-editor, Cobourg Daily Star, January 8, 2009

The “Our View” editorial, “Sheer tragedy makes us rage, weep” is puerile mush. Its platform of departure was the alleged cold-blooded murder of three children by their suicidal parents. The writer asks us to “imagine how their mother will feel...” when she comes round from her own suicidal attempt. The dead father, of course, receives no measure of sympathy whatsoever. Good riddance, I suspect.

I was 14 when my father drove to a hill overlooking Cobourg, hooked a vacuum cleaner hose to the exhaust pipe and inhaled death deeply. At the funeral, I wanted, oh how I wanted, to walk up to the casket and punch his face in.

How dare he murder himself! What an incredible act of selfish, self-centred cowardice! A cop-out! My father wasn’t “man enough” to face life. Thanks for the role model, dad!

But it’s all so very different if a mother does it, if a woman kills. A mitigating excuse can always be conjured and the female-run Cobourg Daily Star swallows the hook, line and stinker of the feminist zeitgeist.

In 2003 in Canada, 862 women murdered themselves; that’s in excess of two every day of the year. In the age range 25-29, women killed themselves at the rate of 4.6 per 100,000. The rate steadily increases thereafter, peaking (more than doubling) in age range 50-54 at 10.7 per 100,000. What a depressing prospect for so many women! Just when many in their 20’s think it couldn’t get any better – it doesn’t.

The Cobourg Daily Star empathetically opines, “If this woman was depressed before, imagine how she will feel...” Then again five sentences later, “Imagine how their mother will feel...” Yes, imagine. The poor woman.

Oh, by the way, in the same year 2903 men murdered themselves – amounting to eight every day of the year. That’s 400% more than women. Who cares to imagine what any man might feel?

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