Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am running three blogs: Poetency & Apoetasy; I Have Free Speech and this one, Cobourg of All Things. I had attached a counter to each blog, from which I could ascertain the countries of viewers, how many viewers visited per day, and which blog posting was the most popular.

Interestingly, the most popular posting is a Letter-To-The-Editor that the Cobourg Daily Star (CDS) rejected for publication. The letter was rejected on Valentine’s Day last year. Not only was it the most visited page on my blog (and continues to be), but it was the page that was visited by more non-Canadians than any other. It appears that a Pakistan news site, DESPARDES, has made a permanent link to the letter that CDS rejected.

The link is via the image below.

My posting was a response to a letter written by Jack Foote that CDS had published. Mr Foote was down on immigration and included this assertion: "certain mode[s] of female attire including the hijab, etc. will not be tolerated.”

My response was an elaborate satirical retort, which included several links to support my contention that there be a burqa fashion show. The letter was in exuberant support of diversity. The Cobourg Daily Star didn’t see it this way.

I suspect CDS was frightened of the possible response by roving gangs of Political Correctness Enforcers and the right wing religious fanatics of Islamic persuasion. There may have also been a tint of fear of having to deal with a possible complaint to the Cdn Human Rights Commission. Some months before the editorialistas of CDS explained that they declined to publish the internationally notoriously Danish cartoons of Mohammad because the news media has a “certain responsibility.” Of course, they declined to describe what that “certain responsibility” was.

The outstanding fact is that the CDS consistently indulges in cowardly behaviour in the face of the politically correct. The CDS has sunk far below the days when it was published by Foster Meharry Russell during the 1960’s. At the time, he was the only Canadian to win the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for Courage in Journalism. His newspaper office had been attacked, his home in Creighton Heights had been attacked, he was hung in effigy by disgruntled union members in a Port Hope parade.

Interestingly, the satirical fantasy of a burqa fashion show actually happened a few months later in Afghanistan. Further interestingly, my rejected letter is being visited predominantly by viewers throughout the Muslim world (ummah).

Which begs the question: What were the spineless feminist jellyfish running the Cobourg Daily Star so afraid of? Anyway, CLICK HERE for the letter that is entertaining people around the world, except in Cobourg.

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